concrete mould release agents



  • Award winning patented Australian design
  • Australian Manufactured
  • Outperforms or matches petroleum and vegetable oil products
  • In continuous use since 2001


For more information:

What is a mould release agent?

The same as a form release agent - a film spread over a metal, timber, plastic or rubber mould or form to stop wet concrete sticking as it sets

What are the problems?

  • Conventional petroleum-based mould release agents are hazards to health, safety and the environment.
  • Both petroleum and vegetable oils tend to fail with modern, fast, but highly abrasive concrete moulding processes.
  • Vegetable oils can build up residues which distort mould profiles and are very difficult to remove.

How big are the problems?

Huge - in the 1990s the world used an estimated 200,000,000 litres of mould release agents every year - and that was before China really got going.

What is Berryessa's solution?

Our REPEL range of water-based mould release agents provides high performance at highly competitive cost but with none of the health, safety or environmental hazards of petroleum products. REPEL products are based on renewable resources - vegetable derivatives, natural sugars, and pure water. This gives Repel stability of price, constant availability, low pollution and low carbon footprint.